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Biofeedback  if you've ever had your temperature taken with a thermometer, you have used a biofeedback type of device! Our office uses biofeedback measurements to get real, concrete data about how you are feeling and progressing through your treatment. Learn to slow breath, lower blood pressure and stress in a proven all natural method. Start this treatment to give you real results and improve your life. Want more info?

Metronome Therapy- Check out videos on YouTube now at Interactive Metronome!

Interactive Metronome or, "IM" is a way of measuring and imprving Neuro-timeing. It works within your brain to analyze key connections that govern, cognitive, communicative, sensory and motor performance. Increase attention, timing, and focus is only the beginning. Improvements seen by clients includes increased athletic performance, better control of lupper extremity function, better reading comprehension, and more.


Light Box Therapy- Has winter got you down?  Many people in the Midwest suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, an issue where shorter daylight hours cause them to enjoy things less and experience increased stress levels. Enjoy the light on while conversing, listening to music, reading or doing art. Contact us now if you think this treatment could help you. Want more info?

Mindfulness Training- The benefits of mindfulness and meditation have become to big to ignore. Now backed by many years of rigorous scientific studies, most people now know that mindfulness can improve their life.  However, it can be hard to start.  But come into our low light inviting offices, where you can kick up your feet and learn to breath, listen, and stay in the present. We offer aromatherapy and personalized or recorded meditations, along with many visual experiences online for all types of learners. Want more info?


Audio-Visual Synthesizer. These glasses are created to enhance meditative states in ways you could possible never achieve on your own. Stimulating certain areas of the brain with certain colors, decibels and beats per min it offers 50 individualized programs to get ready for a game, a test, or in a deep relaxed stress free state.  Want more info? 

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