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We are dedicated to making sure your treatment helps you, which is why we offer a variety of non-traditional individual psychotherapy settings.

Some patients benefit from walking therapy-we offer walking sessions through the beautiful Boneyard Basin in Urbana.

For others some days getting out of the house is half the battle. If you are having a particularly hard time, we offer traditional phone sessions and live online sessions through your phone, tablet, or computer to help keep you on track.

Let's find a way to help you today.


We use complete programs from proven leaders such as:

Woman on Phone

Mindfulness- This can be an essential part of therapy. The link below is a sample video to one of our professional sources where we purchase mindfulness meditation and activity scripts. This resource allows us to choose from hundreds of scripts to find tailored topics to fit our clients needs. Useful for clients to take home and use between office visits to handle various sources of stress; everything from job loss, self esteem issues or stress of caring for a loved one.
Mindfulness Breathing Link

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