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Meet Nancy


Meet Pete


Nancy Neukomm, is a prominent therapist in the Champaign-Urbana community and has helped hundreds of local patients. With 10+ years experience she is well versed in public speaking, workshops, supervision, groups, and individual psychotherapy.  Nancy received her Masters in Community Counseling at Eastern IL University. She is a licensed clinical professional counselor in IL and nationally credentialed. She also is certified in trauma. Owner and lead therapist at this private practice and now the online school. Whether online or in person Nancy  enjoys teaching, as well as using therapeutic art and hands on interventions to assist clients toward what they want in life. Clients report they appreciate her skill set and warmth, as it helps them quickly be able to form a needed connection for forward progression in therapy.

Dr. Peter L. Patton received his BS, EDM and Ph. D from the University of Illinois and is the former Crisis Line Supervisor for Champaign, IL. ,  Dr. Patton has extensive experience with children from diverse backgrounds. He has helped open minds through chess, airplane models and sketching. With 10 + years experience in counseling settings he is well versed in public speaking, teaching, and enjoys utilizing biofeedback and mindfulness, and the interactive metronome in sessions. Clients report they value his vast array of life experiences and have found his guidance invaluable both in person and now in the online e-course school.

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Meet Sam

Sam, our office manager is the glue that holds our private practice together. As the full time office manager he has various duties involving billing, scheduling and overall staff support. Clients report that they love Sam's friendly demeanor and Sam is a major contributor to our development of online courses you can find HERE.

We accept Cash, Check or CC

Self Pay Vs. Insurance


  1. Self Pay Eliminates Waiting Lists for Appointments due to not having to spend time verifying insurance and or getting pre-authorizations prior to helping you.

  2. Because we not longer spend our time on the phone with insurance and we not longer have to pay a percentage of our earnings to an outside billing company you get a more reasonable rate of service.

  3. Self-Pay offers complete confidentiality. Because  insurance is not being used we do not need to report details about your services.

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