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The Power of Food

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

What is it about food that evokes such emotion, such excitement, that makes us want to gather with others to play, conversate, even laugh or cry? The power of food seems universal so lets celebrate some of our favorite holiday dishes here. The challenge will be to share a recipe and if you are willing share a personal story and one emotion. (For example homemade peppermint candies, a remembrance of grandma standing in the kitchen and me watching the chocolate as it melted, feeling of joy but also uneasiness not wanting to wait until cooled so I could have a taste of that cool peppermint. Ahh, a terrific Christmas time memory. )


Yep it is almost Christmas time so I will link my favorite recipe to use for Christmas sugar cookies In my opinion, cookies bring Christmas cheer, they don't have to be perfect because they are home made and people appreciate the time you took to decorate them. Everyone is happy to get a cookie, especially when it is a soft cookie as the above recipe will give you. The only thing is it takes some time and often a mess. So I make sure that I cover the table and have my grandson work over parchment paper or even a large cutting board. We turn on the Christmas music and fill the table with all sorts of sprinkles: glittery sprinkles, snowflake sprinkles, and add bowls of different colored icing. It is great way to bond, have fun and make great memories with your family. So gather your supplies and make a mess and some very good cookies.

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