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Have a youth age 10+ that is struggling with depression, ADHD, anger, social media addiction? We can help support you. Serving both youth and families individually and jointly, we aim to support the family.  Youth are often seen individually however we work hard to support the family as a unit. Therefore we encourage youth th have an adult supporter to attend at least part of one session per month to have the youth strengthen their bond with someone outside of our facility.

What if my you doesn't want to talk you ask? This can happen, some youth take more time than others to form a relationship with a counselor, while others are more open.  However this is why we are very action oriented with our youth. Painting, clay, collage, chess, board games, workbooks, storybooks, electronic activities online are all available to break up sessions and allow youth to "talk while doing."

A Happy Family

We have structured curriculum available such as this

Happy Family Portrait
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